About Us


Cochrane Caribbean 

Cochrane Caribbean is an affiliate centre of  Cochrane and serves a reference centre for English speaking Caribbean territories. We are physically located at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica with close ties to the Cavehill campus in Barbados. Our aim is to bring relevant high quality evidence from  Cochrane systematic reviews to users of health information when making health care and policy decisions by 

  1. Identifying and providing a forum for the region’s resources in systematic review
  2. Providing regional training and support for English speaking review authors and other contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration
  3. Promoting the use of Cochrane Reviews throughout the region
  4. Establishing key alliances with existing regional organizations
  5. Disseminating information about the Cochrane Collaboration throughout the region



Cochrane is global collaboration of volunteers, researchers, health professionals, 11,000 strong from 130 countries. We are here for everyone needing information to make un-biased health care decisions. We do not accept commercial or conflicted funding.